Just in case you missed it on Facebook or Twitter, I’ve officially moved back over to JutandLinds! It makes more sense for the content I want to share, and this place feels kind of broken to me. I won’t say I’ll never be back, but right now I’m really enjoying myself over there, so come on over!


Virtual Coffee Date

August 2, 2013

in Just Lindsey

I love when Lisa posts these, and I have a lot of random things for today, so I think this is the perfect way to share them!


If we were having coffee today…

  • I’d tell you that I’m feeling better about this whole situation. It’s still very frustrating, but since getting it out in the open, it’s been easier to not let it get to me. Things seemed to be functioning better this month, and I had some conversations and have a plan to assist in speeding up the regulation of my body. I’m trying to limit my sugar and soy intake (estrongenic foods), but did you know that almost every single thing we eat has soy in it? I didn’t.
  • In related news, I’d tell you that I bought this onesie set from Target last night because I couldn’t help myself. Justin’s favorite colors are orange and blue, and we both love elephants! I’d also tell you that rather than wonder if I jinxed us, I’m instead looking at it with all the hope and faith in the world that someday I’ll have a little peanut to put it on.


  • I’d tell you that I’m finally allowed to tell people I got promoted! As of August 1st, I’m officially a Project Manager and it’s pretty awesome.
  • I’d tell you that I went to yoga for the first time in almost 2 years and felt amazing afterward. We cancelled my gym membership, and I’m planning to find a permanent studio to practice regularly. Now I just have to find the one I like best! (If you happen to live on the East Side of Pittsburgh, I’m taking suggestions!)
  • I’d tell you that I have a few blog posts I’ve been dying to write but just haven’t found the time. They include a recap of our Europe trip, some house updates, the celebration of our First Anniversary, and my new tattoo! I’m hoping I can up my game in August and get back into writing regularly.
  • I’d tell you that I’m working on updating JutandLinds.com, though I’m still not sure what the future holds for that space or this one. I’m just gonna play it by ear for now and see how it goes.
  • I’d tell you that I really wanted to do my first “Music, Books, Miles, and Looks” post yesterday, until I realized that I didn’t have any books or miles to add for the month of July. Hopefully I’ll have one for August!

I wish we really were having coffee today! What would you tell me if we were?


I just need to write…

June 28, 2013

I’m still not sure what I’m doing with this space, or my other space, or with blogging in general. All I know, is that right now, I just need to write. I need to get these words out of my head. They might not make sense to you. Hell, they might not even make sense […]

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A Blogging Identity Crisis

April 22, 2013

In case you haven’t noticed, HeySmalls is having a bit of an identity crisis. I keep throwing around the idea of bringing back JutandLinds, and for the first time ever, I’ve actually considered shutting down this space for good. But then I think about something I’d want to write that would be more personal to me […]

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The difference between “I can’t” and “I shouldn’t”

April 18, 2013

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve been struggling pretty hard with my Half-Marathon training this year. I’m not even close to running as fast or as far as I could last year at this point, and I’m really disappointed in myself. There have been multiple times in […]

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Guest Post: Stephany Writes – 9 Year, 9 Letters, and a Future Husband

April 11, 2013

Today’s post is brought to you by the lovely Stephany of Stephany Writes. She is on mission to post fifty guest posts in 2013, and I was glad to offer up my space for the day! Stephany is the inspiration behind my Dear Justin series, and she’s here to tell you why she writes letters […]

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Um, Hi!

March 26, 2013

So I swear I didn’t mean to give up blogging for lent again this year, though I’m sure it seems that way! I actually just got super insanely tied up in this quarter of school, and didn’t really have time for anything else. I will expand on some of this in future posts, but here […]

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Movie Mondays – Episode 1

February 4, 2013

Justin and I watch a lot of movies. And by a lot, I mean usually at least two per week, whether that means going to the theater on $5 Tuesdays, hitting up the Redbox, or finding something streaming on Netflix. I’ve decided to start reviewing some of the movies we see, which will hopefully provide […]

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Dear Justin – The Dates Edition

January 29, 2013

Occasionally I write letters to my husband. You can read the rest here! Dear Justin, We have been on many, many dates in the almost five years we’ve been together. Some were more memorable than others, but all were special in their own way. Here are just a few of the “dates” I will never forget… November 1, […]

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52 Weeks of Blogging – Week Thirteen {Transitions}

January 9, 2013

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